Remain - Filthy Stitches EP

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  • Canadian outfit My Favorite Robot released their 100th record this year, and Meant Records' main man Remain is next up, arriving with a reputation for filler-free techno that's installed him near the centre of the French scene's new wave. Much like his recent remixes on La Belle and Darkroom Dubs, Filthy Stitches wears its brooding groove proudly amongst the glistening, angular synth lines. "Bounty Hunting"'s bedrock of metallic stabs and tense percussion is soon superseded by the titular distorted vocal, its lead bubbling in octaves over a bassline with restrained menace. Remixed by Carreno Is LB & Javi Redondo, the original's wayward groove is dismantled in favour of staccato percussion, with rasping synths and a growling lead that launches intermittently into the cosmos. The title track features Monoblock and employs mechanised melodies. Setting off at pace and reverberating within its 4/4 framework, the robotic vocal edges it into an alternative pop universe where the machines are in control. Items & Things alumni Click Box untether "Filthy Stitches" from its song-based moorings to form a whirring, futuristic house track.
  • Tracklist
      01. Bounty Hunting 02. Bounty Hunting (Carreno is LB & Javi Redondo Remix) 03. Filthy Stitches feat. Monoblock 04. Filthy Stitches (Click Box Remix)