Sebastian Mullaert - Chant De Paris EP

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  • Having mothballed Minilogue, his much-lauded project with fellow Swede Marcus Henriksson, Sebastian Mullaert here indulges in some deep and trippy techno for Ovum. At nearly 27 minutes in length, he certainly gives the two tracks every opportunity to work their magic. "Chant de Paris" is a monster, albeit of the most demure variety. It stretches out across 16 minutes, but not a second is wasted. Through a steady drizzle of mild, burbling acid, Mullaert works in Arabic ouds, daubs of Rhodes and pillowy percussion. There are clear hints of the hypnotic moods Donato Dozzy deals so expertly in. The acidic flavours of the opener remain on "Recapturing The Radical Self," but with increased vigour. This one opens out into a blissful, Balearic climax where mallowy chords gently break forth, finding the gaps between jazzy piano and handclaps. Despite being a mongrel union of ambient techno, psy-trance and "Sueño Latino," it's really very lovely.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Chant De Paris B1 Recapturing The Radical Self