Trippy Turtle - Trippy's Theme

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  • Gentrification happens in dance music, too. See "Trippy's Theme," the first proper release from Trippy Turtle, a fast-rising Norwegian producer who makes music explicitly tied to the dance floors of New Jersey. In its original form, Jersey club is raw and rough, but in the hands of the Turtle, Booty Beaver and Drippy Dolphin (all members of the mysterious FoFoFadi crew) it's given a cloying candy coat. Is that a bad thing? "Trippy's Theme" might piss off club purists, but it does a solid job of melding Jersey's jerk with the softer textures of '90s R&B. The usual jackhammer stutter feels instead like being caressed with satin gloves. From the cover art to the slap bass to the hook—"your love got me so trippy" or "gonna go turtle on that booty"—it's unashamedly kitschy, which mostly works in its favour. Making subgenres palatable for the masses is what Mad Decent does best, and that's exactly what "Trippy's Theme" is doing. It's anything but subtle, but neither is the original stuff—Trippy just replaces the sexualized thrust with cartoonish cutesiness.
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      01. Trippy's Theme