Young Marco - Biology

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  • Over the last four years, Amsterdam's Marco Sterk has built a reputation as one of house music's most intriguing young artists. Whether he's popping up on Hand Of God with low-slung Balearic tracks like "Moving Fast (Very Slowly)," or delivering kaleidoscopic mixes for LN-CC or Juno Plus, Young Marco explores that vibrant nexus that connects Balearic, new age and tropical house. Sterk got his start with Rush Hour, where he began as an in-house designer and eventually did A&R work for the label. The Amsterdam institution released two of of his formative records, 2011's Physical Thrill (a collaboration with Tom Trago and Awanto3) and "Hoodoo," his contribution to the Amsterdam All-Stars compilation. But it was arguably his budding connection to Andrew Hogge's New York outpost ESP Institute that allowed him to indulge in the almost weightless melodicism and semi-ambience that characterize his best output. Arriving on ESP Institute, Biology is a svelte, 40-minute run through the kind of light-footed creations that Sterk has made his name with. Underneath its seven tracks flitter traces of Steve Reich, Gigi Masin and Ryuichi Sakamoto, not to mention the last decade's many Italo disco retro-fitters. "Biology Theme" sets the pace with silver-streak new age synths and sparkling bells, while "Out Of Wind" drifts atop pulsing chimes into a woozy, ambient smear of sounds. With its spacious tones and shimmering melody, "Trippy Isolator" can elicit either contemplation or empty, euphoric contentment. The gorgeous closer "Can You Really Feel It?" is stuffed with enough gummy, effervescent melodic moments and blinking synth lines to deliver a kind of peaceful sugar high. Even Biology's more pulse-setting moments have a sedating effect. "Psychotic Particles" has a velveteen house swoon laced with a ringing synth that seems slightly out of time. "Sea World" is a floor-filler with a deep blue melody and tumbling, bell-laden percussion. "Suzaku," meanwhile, mines the kind of scuzzy, retro-gazing Italo that Prins Thomas has spent the last ten years refining. Given his eclectic interests as a DJ and the sonic diversity of his own productions, the LP has always seemed like a good format for Young Marco, and Biology proves it.
  • Tracklist
      01. Biology Theme 02. Psychotic Particle 03. Sea World 04. Out Of Wind 05. Suzaku 06. Trippy Isolator 07. Can You Really Feel It