Tessela - Rough 2

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  • As a title, Rough 2 sounds provisional, an in-progress file name that was never swapped out for the proper one. The content of Tessela's latest EP fits such an interpretation. In spite of his rising profile, Ed Russell's music is sounding rawer and more spontaneous than ever; fortunately it's an approach that suits him. The title track, with its clattering snares, is a sort of partner piece to Russell's recent remix of Perc's "Take Your Body Off." Like that and the latter half of his previous R&S single, Nancy's Pantry, its melding of hardcore and loose-swinging techno recalls Shed, though Russell is increasingly making the style his own. Elsewhere things become increasingly gummed up, suggesting that a busted mixer or cheap tape deck may lurk in Russell's studio. But what these tracks lose in clarity and punch, they make up for in strength of ideas. "Butchwax" is burly-as-fuck electro, mostly content to thunder along, cuffing you about the eardrums with a snare every other beat. Punctuation comes from what sounds like a shredded old-school electro sample; just as with his jungle hybrids, it's as if Russell is pulling apart his chosen form and making crazy paving out of the pieces. "C'mon, Let's Slow Dance," meanwhile, aims for a stop-start shockout factor. Its sputtering synth riff recalls Mumdance & Pinch's "Turbo Mitzi," while the latter half's jarred chords suggest A Made Up Sound at his wildest. It's probably too disjointed for club use, but we can happily marvel at its outré qualities from the comfort of our office chairs.
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      A1 Rough 2 B1 Butchwax B2 C'mon Lets Slow Dance