Danny Daze - Silicon Remixes

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  • Silicon, Danny Daze's first release for Jimmy Edgar's Ultramajic label, was an EBM-indebted techno three-tracker that went straight for the jugular. This remix package is spacier and more relaxed, and succeeds on that basis. "Beatdown," the original EP's closer, gets three reworks, two of them by Detroit producer Erika. Her "Spaced Out" remix is a suitably deep and eerie workout that replaces the original's tough ingredients with gently clacking drums and otherworldly pads. "Her Spaced Up" remix has a similar mood, with only a subtly driving bass groove and sonar-bleep keys giving it a more forceful feel. Jimmy Edgar's "Beatdown" sails closer to the original but again dials down its sharp edges with layers of echo and cushioned drums. Ambivalent uses a similar tonal shift on his remix of "Silicon." He retains only half-submerged fragments of its airhorn synths and melodramatic vocals and places them in downbeat techno surroundings. "When The Freaks Come Out" was the original release's (relatively) soft and slow moment. Dimitri Veimar's remix keeps roughly to that script, pitching a humming synth with popping drums and echoing vocal snippets. If Daze's steely EBM inclinations are your thing then you may not enjoy these remixes. But fans of deep, strung-out techno should find plenty to love.
  • Tracklist
      01. Beatdown feat. Translucent (Erika’s Spaced Out Remix) 02. Beatdown feat. Translucent (Erika’s Spaced Up Remix) 03. Beatdown feat. Translucent (Jimmy Edgar Remix) 04. Silicon (Ambivalent Remix) 05. When the Freaks Come Out (Dimitri Veimar Remix)