Slash & Burn EP (Disc One)

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  • The Slash & Burn EP is the latest release from Record label Crosstown Rebels and disc one features two great productions that should put the Rebels well and truly on the map of promising labels. Kiki & Silversurfer – ‘St. Tropez’ is first up, and from the moment this devastating baseline enters, it is clear that this track is meant for the dark and dirty dancefloors. The track ebbs and flows with smooth melodic interludes here and there riding the ever-changing baseline that never remains stagnant. A unique production that really works, and has a Danny Howells feel to it. Ran Shanti – ‘Cordless’ is the other production in this EP and it’s just as unique and interesting as the other. The solid beats work the production in the first few moments, shortly followed by some rumbling base sounds and smooth melodic effects. It’s not as pounding as ‘St Tropez’, but the track has a great flow without ever hitting top gear. This is an interesting release to say the least, and most of all its quite unique which is a very good thing. Two pretty good productions which is all that you can ask for really.