Hot Since 82 - Don't Touch The Alarm

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  • There's little mystery in Daley Padley's rise to prominence—the Leeds producer makes visceral, grandstanding house music. If there's much subtlety on Don't Touch The Alarm, the debut release on his new Knee Deep In Sound label, then it's buried amid klaxons, drum rolls and earth-moving beats. The title track is designed to blast the roof off festival tents and terrace canopies. It has at least two breakdowns, which feels a bit greedy. It's difficult to find much here that aligns with Padley's credo of "forward-thinking house music"—the likes of Danny Tenaglia and Tom Stephan were making this kind of chunky, big-room house music a decade ago, although you can't deny the track's crowd-pleasing potential. Booka Shade dial back the intensity, introducing a yawning bass riff and odd, rubbery modulations, while preserving the twin breakdowns. It's pleasing enough, but feels vanilla compared to Hot Since 82's laser-targeted original.
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      A1 Don't Touch The Alarm B1 Don't Touch The Alarm (Booka Shade Remix)