LoSoul - New Day

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  • Records by Peter Kremeier used to pepper Playhouse's schedule, but he has been fairly quiet in recent years. This and an almost simultaneous EP for Hypercolour are his first releases since 2012. The two tracks on New Day have a warmth and generosity that was in short supply on his last full-length, 2009's at-times oppressively minimal Care. "Below The Clouds" has clicks, clanks and snaps that evoke the micro-house scene with which Kremeier was associated, but arcing washes of bass and synth digressions bring the track into warmer climes. Where the charms of "Below The Clouds" are revealed gradually, "Morning Birds" has an ebullience that lends it an instant appeal. "Feelgood riot of sound" might not be the first phrase you think of with LoSoul, but it fits well here. Kremeier starts with a happy chug of drums and guitar loops, and builds the energy and intensity slowly through pads, galloping bass and diving chord loops and keys. It's a lovely, sunny 12 minutes of music that ensures this timely release ends in something close to a carnival mood.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Below the clouds A2 Morning birds
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