Chez Damier, Siler & Dima, Thomas Zander - French Connection

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  • This collaborative EP is billed as being part of an effort to build "a musical bridge" between French producers Siler & Dima's Popcorn Records and Chez Damier's Balance imprint. To that end, a separate remix EP is slated to come out on Balance, but for now this Popcorn release features four versions of a track called "Speechless," two by Siler & Dima and Thomas Zander, and two by Damier. The jazzy original has a supremely louche feel, with a sample of a Herbie Hancock interview dominating as hazy notes from a Rhodes waft unhurriedly in the background. Siler, Dima, Zander's club mix makes major but fairly basic changes, with the vocal removed and the bass and hats given heavier prominence. Damier's versions are called the "Play It Again Mix" and the "Rex Club Paris Mix," and both are more club-orientated than the first two cuts. The former overlays the interview sample with thudding percussion and skittering keys, while the latter dollops layers of atmosphere and some diva vocals into the mix, lending the package a nice balance of home-listening and DJ-friendliness.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Speechless (Siler & Dima, Thomas Zander Original Mix) A2 Speechless (Siler & Dima, Thomas Zander Club Mix) B1 Speechless (Chez Damier Play It Again Edit) B2 Speechless (Chez Damier Rex Club Paris Mix)