Blondes - Rewire EP

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  • Blondes' album Swisher may have been a highlight of the last year in techno, but its emphasis on texture and melody as much as rhythm gave it an appeal that extended far beyond the dance floor. On this remix EP, that meditative quality and structural adventurousness is reined in somewhat, as two album tracks, "Wire" and "Swisher," are reoriented firmly towards the club. Huerco S. and Claro Intelecto's respective remixes of "Wire" couldn't be further apart. On his thudding house version, Huerco S. drags "Wire" through the mud, flattening Blondes' blooming synth lines into a bed of mucky textures in which the kick almost drowns. Claro Intelecto's characteristically subtle, dubby remix also stresses the track's techno underpinning, but foregrounds its delicate, watery aspect, the lead synth and pads blooming luxuriantly around the gently pulsating rhythm. Slow and lugubrious, with polished kicks and plenty of yawning space, Function's remix is of a piece with last year's Incubation LP. Where Huerco S. strips the original of some of its character, Function retains it, even as he folds Blondes' effervescent sounds into his own spartan design. A Simian Mobile Disco remix of "Swisher" is much less atmospheric, but its marriage of dappled drum patterns with Blondes' hazy synths is nevertheless inspired.
  • Tracklist
      01. Swisher (Simian Mobile Disco Remix) 02. Wire (Claro Intelecto Remix) 03. Wire (Huerco S. Remix) 04. Wire (Function Remix)