The Black Dog - Sound Of Sheffield Vol. 2

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  • The Black Dog rarely put a foot wrong. They're among the UK's most prolific techno acts, these days spending their time turning out effective club tracks. The trio's latest offering is the second instalment in Sound Of Sheffield, a four-part digital-only series that started in March. Like most of their recent work, the three tracks here are solid, and will provide any techno DJ with a variety of peak-time material. "Feral Electronics" gets things underway with an arpeggio, hats and an acid squelch. It's fast-paced and simple, but progresses nicely through a few understated breakdowns and a snappy, intermittent snare. Two versions of "Bardwells Distaster" follow. Both feature syncopated drums, and a tougher, more minimalist aesthetic than the opener. Of the two variations, "Live At Panorama Bar" is the cut you'll want to cue up—it kicks harder than anything else on the record, carrying a more straightforward beat without losing any of the original's moodiness.
  • Tracklist
      01. Feral Electronics 02. Bardwells Disaster 03. Bardwells Disaster - Live In Berlin