Julien Bracht - Sub Collapsed

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  • Along with artists like Florian Kupfer and Max Graef, 23-year-old Frankfurt native Julien Bracht is part of a new wave of German producers. But while he's appeared on around ten 12-inches in the past two years, he might not be on your radar just yet. This former drummer is not aligned with any in-vogue labels, and generally sticks to a big room aesthetic more suited to Ibiza crowds than to those with Discogs accounts. At the moment, Cocoon are his most high-profile supporters. In addition to managing his bookings, they've released his latest effort, Sub Collapsed. The most notable thing about Bracht's productions is his attention to rhythm. Perhaps thanks to the all time spent behind a drum kit, almost every cut he's dropped features a swung beat, which gives his work a sense of groove that eludes so many of his peers. This is clear on Sub Collapsed's title track, which, despite sounding like it's been crafted with a festival crowd in mind, features the kind of crafty, shifting percussion that wouldn't sound out of place in a Zip set. "Drumatic" sits on the flip, and is less adventurous by comparison and, for that reason, probably won't get the plays of its A-side counterpart.
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      A1 Sub Collapsed B1 Drumatic