Rupcy – Utow

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  • Following sure-footed efforts in recent years from lesser-known artists like Stenny and Andrea, 2014 sees Ilian Tape introduce another new name. He or she is Rupcy, who apparently hails from Mars. Origins aside, the producer's roughed-up techno fits nicely into the prevailing sounds of Dario and Marco Zenker's label. Here on Utow, the three 4/4 cuts, all driven by mean kick drums, are sure to do fine work on the floor. The title track hits hardest, its short acid riff bobbing between dense, clanging drums and monotone chord stabs. "Can" is similarly tense and tool-ish, with more brash chords sounding off alongside trebly percussion clicks. As solidly effective as those two are, it's the second half of the record that shines. "Assemblage" is about seven minutes long, and shows how a patient approach can lead to moments of great intensity. Starting out as a relatively laid-back groove, it makes a steady turn towards acid-lashed chaos. Lastly there's "Bows," which is the strangest cut here and, at just over three minutes long, is kind of a tease. A slow, stripped-to-the-bones form of drum & bass is the track's foundation, while clouds of emotive melodies are craftily intersected by bleeping slasher-film synths.
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      A1 Utow A2 Can B1 Assemblage B2 Bows