Various Artists - RMX 002

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  • These remixes delve into Midnight Shift's recent back catalogue, kicking off with Juju & Jordash, who deliver a characteristically idiosyncratic take on Terrence Parker's "It Hurts." The Amsterdam-based duo deliver a lurching, almost drunken groove. The bassline and kick combo pitches and yaws unconventionally, like some abstract carnival soca rhythm, with haunted-house synths, a decaying organ motif and Italo pianos creating an unholy alliance around it. Lord knows how you dance to it, but there's beauty in its oddness. Veteran Singapore DJ/producer Eddie Niguel was always going to have his work cut out to keep pace with Juju & Jordash, but his version of Iron Curtis's "Never Give Up" takes a decent swing at it. The original is twisted into a techy, dark dub, its heavily distorted keys becoming ever more menacing.
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      A1 Terrence Parker – It Hurts (Juju & Jordash Remix) B1 Iron Curtis – Never Give Up (Eddie Niguel Remix)