Kornél Kovács - Szikra

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  • Kornél Kovács has been the least visible of the three artists behind Studio Barnhus. Where Axel Boman and former Border Community man Petter Nordkvist have carved out an identity by releasing deep and faintly narcotic house cuts, Kovács' discography is more scant. His fourth single is also more straightforward than you'd expect from the weird world of Studio Barnhus, with an appropriately flickering groove (the title translates as "spark" in Hungarian) lifted by some deftly picked vocal samples. The two versions differ subtly. The "Bónusz Beat" isn't the tool its name suggests—it trades the originals adornments for a crunching kick-hat-snare pattern and growling low-end. Even the gossamer organ, which in its original context evokes Adriatic sunsets, takes on a darker hue. Equally, the louche swagger of the original's "Let's get fucked up" line becomes more sinister as it's looped and filtered into a demand, rather than an invitation. The remix from fellow Swede Abdulla Rashim, a four-bar kick drum loop with gas plant pads rising and falling above it, is an odd addition. Clocking in at 12 minutes, it's at least 10 too long. As the sun comes out, it's the jubilant A-side that deserves heavy rotation.
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      A1 Szikra A2 Szikra (Bónusz Beat) B Szikra (Abdulla Rashim Remix)