Various Artists - Chapter 1

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  • No two cuts on this predictably excellent compilation from Glasgow/London/Berlin label Huntleys & Palmers are remotely similar to each other. Glasgow newcomer Cruffy kicks things off with "Subculture." Presumably named in homage to the Sub Club's revered, 20-year-old house night, it's an intriguing mix of luminous deep house bass and pads, and breathy shards of vocal. "Pamela Two" by Argentinian pair Carisma is uncharacteristically banging for H&P, with flashing effects and a militaristic female vocal vying with relentless minimal techno percussion. Apparently German producer Hermione Frank, AKA rRoxymore, was recommended to H&P by The Knife's Olof Dreijer, and in "Ministry Of Silly Talks" you can see what he saw in her. It melds all manner of angular clanks, keening synths and clockwork whirrs into something disorienting and hugely enjoyable. South African producer Esa Williams, who in February released the excellent Highlife Vol.3 12-inch on the H&P sub-label of the same name, teams up with Ali Ooft under the name Prophets Of The South. On "District 6" they pull off a similar trick similar to the one on Williams' Highlife release, expertly meshing African chants with European deep house instrumentation.
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      A1 Cruffy - Subculture A2 Carisma - Pamela Two A3 rRoxymore - Ministry of Silly Talks A4 Prophets of the South - District 6