Dubplates From The Lamp Vol 3

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  • Pork has always offered consistently high quality downtempo music that strays off the beaten track, so it's good to report on a third selection of Dubplates from Hull's Lamp club. You'll more than likely find that the tracklisting looks unfamiliar but that's part of the appeal- the chance to take in some more underground action. This lot barely puts a foot wrong, with the cool waves of Skywa 7's 'Brightsun' setting a chilled tone from the outset. Some darker breakbeat edges are revealed courtesy of Vano and 'OK Orbiter', then there's the sublime 'Valedicity' from Braces Tower, more horizontal than vertical. Happily Pork are able to blend these chilled moments with a few more upbeat sounds - Chromium's 'English' has a wickedly funky bassline, and even the Muscovites get in on the action with the Moscow Groove Institute's 'Voyage', including a humourous French sample, is the fastest thing here. To complete the set there's a vocal slow burner from the Mere Mortals and another funky number from the Russians. So Pork's third helping of Dubplates hits all the right buttons, and is firmly recommended for Fila Brazillia fans and the like - listeners to all things chilled.