Outboxx - Planet Love

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  • Jacob "Hodge" Martin might spin off into more experimental directions with his solo project, but he and Matt Lambert maintain a distinctly fluid house groove as Outboxx. Balancing intricate melodies with a knack for raw grooves, the Bristol duo underline their growing dance floor maturity on Planet Love. The lead track is awash with spitting hi-hats and emotional synths, and it blossoms after an elegant, understated breakdown. "On My Own" is more muscular, with thudding toms, vicious handclaps and a screaming vocal sample merging to form an early-hours workout that groans under the heft of Outboxx's bass. "Denim Dreams" has more in common with the lead cut. Mellifluous chords are a bedrock for an embellishment of arpeggios, cosmic bass and Fela Kuti-style analogue synths. This is an EP bathed in a warming glow.
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      A Planet Love B1 On My Own (Independence Mixx) B2 Denim Dreams
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