ZZT - Givin In

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  • Restraint is the last thing anyone should expect from a collaboration between Tiga and Zombie Nation, but their latest single together takes things down a peg to fit with chunky, UK-style house—at least for the first half. "Givin In" has that inimitable Tiga strut, with spitting vocal snippets and overdriven 303 bulking up the techy template. The duo finally let loose in the breakdown: the vocal stretches out in full across banging pianos and tidal waves of bass. It's a stunning way to fragment the track's zoned-out groove. By the time it reassembles itself, "Givin In" sounds like a different tune altogether, mangled and malfunctioning like the burning wreckage of what came before. That'd be a hard act to follow for anyone, and indeed the duo half-ass it on the B-side (labelled "bonus beats"). "SyZZTem 700" is a handful of percussive ideas strung together, full of big drum rolls and white noise streaks with no payoff.
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      A Givin In B SyZZTem700 Bonus Beats