Lakker - Containing A Thousand

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  • Lakker's first release of 2014, Containing A Thousand, is also their debut on the long-running R&S imprint. It sees the Dublin duo offer four variations on the broken-beat, leftfield techno they've been causing a stir with over the past couple years. The dramatic, seven and a half minute-long title track kicks things off, busily working through sections of drawn-out horns and teary-eyed synths before receding into a pool of distortion. Up next is the aptly titled "Mausoleum." Departing drastically from the rest of the record's 130-plus BPM workouts, it's a shorter track with a bone-crunching, half-time march, lurid melodic murmurs and a pitch-black drone steadily flooding the low-end. On the flip, "K'antu" is led by syncopated hand drums and filled with swelling atmospheric effects. It slowly reveals another uniquely Lakker-style melody, and the track is pleasantly upbeat. I'd be happy if that was it, but the record finishes with "Thermohaline." It's the heaviest track here, but for me it's too awkwardly hectic. Otherwise, the duo brought the goods to R&S with this one.
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      A1 Containing A Thousand A2 Mausoleum B1 K'antu B2 Thermohaline