Benny Benassi presents The Biz - Hypnotica

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  • No doubt most of you out there will have heard of Satisfaction - the song that seems to have sampled the old Speak & Spell toy - it's become a massive club hit, spwned many remixes and bootlegs and has been used to advertise beer. Well riding on the back of that single, Benny Benassi and the Biz present their latest album - Hypnotica. Hypnotica is the right title for this as it is a real mind numbing journey through electro where all or at least most of the tracks just seem to be inspired by Satisfaction which opens the album. Benassi & The Biz still represent with the same vocodered vocals and they don't seem to tire from their trademark synth sound and beat throughout - fark! - 3 out of 14 tunes on the album are neatly labelled Sfaction mixes so no matter where you go on this album your aural senses will be bombarded by that damn tune! There is some consolation though, tunes like Let It Be shows The Biz exploring more laidback and downtempo atmospheres and I'm Sorry introducing breakbeaty elements to the album, but really this is crap! Hypnotica comes off sounding like a rollercoaster ride without any hills and dips - where the fun in that? Still if you can't get enough Satisfaction, listen to the Rolling Stones!