Valanx – Ejecta Remixes

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  • Last fall, Arne Weinberg put out Ejecta, his second album as Valanx, on his own label, diametric. It saw the German-born, Glasgow-based producer employ a wide-ranging instrumental sensibility to craft another set of trippy and dark soundscapes, at times bringing to mind Sähkö's cerebral atmospheres and the churning industrial undercurrents of Adam X's ADMX-71 project. In fact, ADMX-71 is the marquee name on Ejecta Remixes, a limited-release four-tracker. He smooths "Trail Of Conjuration"'s sharper edges, and adds more swirling sci-fi effects, resulting in a low-slung, stone-cold groove that his fans should find hard to resist. The other three remixes are just as compelling. The Exaltics leads off, blowing up "Beyond Doubt"—in its original form all sparse, tumbling drums and droning curlicues—into a gritty, slow-stomping anthem shot through with a soaring synth line. Finnish artist and Morphology member CRC uses a ping-ponging acid squelch and a sense of cool melancholy as he slides into his extended remix of the echo-laden "Chasm." Last up is veteran San Diego-based producer Louis Haiman, who often works with vibrant, uptempo techno. His remix of "Legion v2" is more anxious and gloomy than usual, but his skills are obvious as he dissolves the original's Eastern-tinged melodies into unsteady pulses of noise to make room for bleeps and angular percussion.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Beyond Doubt (The Exaltics Remix) A2 Chasm (CRC Remix) B1 Trail Of Conjuration (Admx-71 Remix) B2 Legion V2 (Louis Haiman Remix)