Ghost Culture - Giudecca / Half Open

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  • The mysterious Phantasy Sound-signed producer Ghost Culture grabbed plenty of attention late last year with the release of the Mouth EP, which Maya Kalev said was "so assured you're not quite convinced that it's a debut." "Red Smoke" was the headline track, a moody, building techno rumbler that called to mind Daphni's "Ye Ye." It became a staple for many DJs and comfortably outshone the title track. Giudecca / Half Open comprises a vocal track and an instrumental, and once again the instrumental comes out on top. "Half Open," the instrumental, piques the interest straight away through a bright, acidic lead line and keeps it with an addictive bass groove and pretty keys. Again, it's difficult to believe it's the work of a novice producer. The same can be said of the vocal effort, "Giudecca," whose filtered vocals, spacey synths and rangy bass confer a futurist synth-pop feel. As with Mouth, there's also a dub version of the title track, but in this case it puts an enjoyable new spin on the original rather than overshadowing it. Progress on all fronts, then, from a producer worth keeping an eye on.
  • Tracklist
      01. Giudecca 02. Half Open 03. Giudecca (Dub)