Kerri Chandler - Sunday Sunlight

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  • Besides releasing new music, the French trio Apollonia have used their label to reissue great house records. The idea is to eschew the obvious in favor of underappreciated jewels. Last year's reissue of Point G's shimmering house gem "Underwater" hit the sweet spot, and they do it again by delving into Kerri Chandler's back catalogue with "Sunday Sunlight." The track was originally released in 1999, so you wouldn't expect it to have the clean-cut production of modern-day records, but those classic Chandler tropes—pummelling kicks, fluid chord progressions, deep melodies—feel as relevant today as they were back then. Across its sprawling nine-minute duration it never wavers from its snug, trippy groove. Rather than asking some flavour-of-the-month greenhorn, Apollonia hand the remix to Chandler's contemporary Delano Smith. Using the merest hint of the vocal, Smith gives it a polish with some bright percussion, a dribble of bass keys and an underlying ambient hum that dovetails with the original's vibe.
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      A Sunday Sunlight B Sunday Sunlight (Delano Smith Remix)