Alex Falk - GF

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  • Alex Falk is from Tennessee, a state we don't hear much from when it comes to dance music. He's an affiliate of his city's no-nonsense Proper Trax label, and now he's making his debut on another southern techno outpost, Atlanta's CGI Records, with four tracks that only sharpen his already lean attack. Much ado has already been made about the Justin Bieber sample in "GF," but it's not as outrageous as it sounds on paper. Bieber is reduced to a monotonous robot—like a winking version of Tobias's "Skippy"—and the tune is all business, with the only real development coming from some filter work on the percussion. Things take a turn towards house for "Foam Party," which stomps all over a loop that bubbles and squeaks, while "BBR" juggles a mushmouth vocal sample that sounds like a rough tribute to Todd Edwards. "Miley's Plateau" rounds off the 12-inch like a relatively silkier counterpart to "GF," taking blocks of static and shaping them into a svelte groove that, perhaps disappointingly, doesn't appear to have a Miley Cyrus sample.
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      A1 GF A2 Foam Party B1 BF B2 Miley's Plateau