Buz Ludzha - Love Repetitive Rhythmics

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  • Buz Ludzha is the new alias of Derry's Andrew Morrison, who made a splash last year with an album as The Cyclist. The so-called "Tape Throb" sound of Bones In Motion owed debts to new wave and vintage Warp, but most striking were its similarities with the current vogue for tape-fugged house and techno. Morrison, however, stood out from the crowd for two reasons: the extent of abuse to which he subjected his mix-downs (they were often so wildly distorted that they took on strange new properties), and his romantic melodic sense, which gave his music an accessible edge even at its grottiest. Both qualities are amply present in the debut Ludzha release. Arriving courtesy of All City's Alias series, these two tracks claim to make more direct overtures to the dance floor than Morrison's work as The Cyclist. Still, only the bravest DJ would risk airing these grizzled sonics in a packed club. "Basslines For Death," for example, is so clotted with artifacts that the drums almost disappear from view in busy passages. But that doesn't mean it isn't gorgeous. The way the chords warp and ooze off pitch, the ungainliness of the bassline, the grotty splat of the snare—each is a vivid delight. "Rave With Love" is similar but even better, its uplifting hook and racecar swoosh effects giving it a euphoric bent. If there's a criticism of the two it's that they lack focus, tending to veer off into new territory where a bit of thoughtful repetition would've done fine. And both end far too abruptly, as if we've run to the end of a dog-eared cassette and there's no one around to flip it over.
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      01. Rave With Love 02. Basslines For Death