Danny Daze - Silicon

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  • On this EP for Jimmy Edgar's Ultramajic label, Danny Daze continues to explore dark corners of pumping, EBM-indebted electro, with a higher level of success than on his last EP, The Calm. The title track is built on a Green Velvet-ish vocal loop repeating the phrase "my girl is made of silicone." Klaxon blasts, swooping air-raid synths and flinty drums complete an unflinching concoction. Deliberate, clattering drums and a nasal vocal sample give "When The Freaks Come Out" a similarly metallic heart, but at 10 BPM slower than its counterparts it comes out feeling like an ominous, futuristic ballad. Closer "Beatdown" is the most brutal of the bunch. It's a collaboration with Translucent, who reprises the guest trumpet role he played on Daze's 2011 breakout track, "Your Everything." It rises menacingly in near-complete form, thundering forth on a militaristic synth riff and driving drums. A monstrously distorted, echoing male vocal and whipsmart arps top off an impressive end to a solid collection.
  • Tracklist
      01. Silicon 02. Beatdown Feat. Translucent 03. When The Freaks Come Out