Pete Tong - Essential Selection (Red)

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  • Pete Tong is certainly a name in Dance Music that doesn’t need introduction. Pete plays a big role in bringing Dance Music to the public in the UK, and his Essential Selection both on Radio 1, and in this instance, the mix compilation, are both highly regarded in the dance industry. One thing you can always expect from Tongy is that his track selection is sure to be as cutting edge as any DJ in the world. This mix is no different, as it features some great tunes put together in a pretty satisfactory way by Pete. An early highlight in the mix is the very beautiful ‘Shiver’ by Echofalls. This cd was mixed in Ibiza and the inclusion of this track is indicative of the summer vibes of the Spanish Island. The retro vibes of Bobby Peru’s ‘Jack to the Future’ should also please as should the deep chunky baselines of Rework’s ‘You’re So Just Just’. It is also clear to see with ‘Beatz N Pieces 03’ by Peace Division, that this mix has got a pretty good groove early on. The Jesper Dahlback remix of Phonogenic’s ‘Generations’ is a great inclusion with its acid like synths while the mix then flows smoothly until it reaches an uplifting period with firstly, the feel good ‘So We Can’ by Tom Mangan and the riveting ‘Alleviation of Distress’ by Jark Prongo. The mix then hads into Sasha territory for the home stretch, with firstly the massive ‘Hoochie Koochie Man’ by Maurice and Noble, one of the standout tracks of the Ibiza season, and then the baseline filled ‘Tonite’ by M.A.N.D.Y. The mix ends in a disappointing fashion for me, with DJ Gregory’s mix of Despina Vandi’s ‘Gia’. Overall this is quite a nice release for Pete Tong. It’s all too often that these Essential Selection’s by Tong lack depth and have a very short life, but this mix has certainly tried to fix that problem. The mixing is adequate to say the least, but the strength really lies in some of the tracks, as there are some goodies in there. It’s well worth a look for those looking for a good cd for the hot summer days that are approaching in some continents of the world. Tracklisting 1. Downtime - Hollway and Eastwick feat. Steve Edwards 2. Shiver - Echofalls 3. Jack To The Future - Bobby Peru 4. You're So Just Just - Rework 5. Beatz N Peacez - Peace Division 6. Generations (Jesper Dahlback remix) - Phonogenic 7. Silco - The Usual's M.J.C. 8. Darkroom Dubs 1a - Darkroom Dubs 9. So We Can - Tom Mangan 10. Dancing In The Dark (Nic Fanciulli Skylark Vox) - 4Tune500 11. Alleviation Of Distress - Jark Prongo 12. Hoochie Koochi Man - Maurice And Noble 13. Tonite - M.A.N.D.Y. 14. Gia (DJ Gregory mix) - Despina Vandi