Zoo Look - Together Like This EP

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  • Since debuting in 2011, Zoo Look have made steady strides within the crowded sphere of UK house. The duo's latest outing is a Bournemouth collaboration, as Alex Warren and Sam King join forces with successful local promoter Myles Lloyd and his new Abstract Culture label. "Together Like This" starts the release in lively enough fashion, playing an echoed monologue on "keeping the funk alive" over a high-pitched 303, classic chords and a persistent bassline. Though executed with punchy clarity, it's by now an exhausted combination. UK duo Purple Velvet fare marginally better on the remix. Initially smothering the original elements for a smoother ride, they later inject a rampant set of electro synths for added pump. If just by the feel of its off-beat rhythm, "The Duchess" stirs the senses, merging with warm piano and crackly phone recordings to form an endearing whole. But it's Romania's Blacktee, who veers furthest from the tired club-house canon, that steals the show, flipping the original on its head with a techy remix.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Together Like This A2 Together Like This (Purple Velvet Remix) B1 The Duchess B2 The Duchess (Blacktee Remix)