Kommune1 - Kronos

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  • On his two previous EPs, northern English producer Daniel Martin, AKA Kommune1, has explored wonderfully ominous, bass-heavy techno. Kronos, his first release on Berlin's Leisure System, adds extra texture and depth to the stark, banging precedent set by those records. The title track begins in familiar fashion with frenetic, clattering drums and a rangy bass riff, before topping things off with a highly caffeinated, ragga-style vocal that gives even more edge to an already menacing concoction. "Mesonoxian" also has an echoing voice sample (this time a shimmering female one), which drapes itself over a relentless bass groove. "Ls6" has bass drums as pounding as both of its counterparts, but achieves a more contemplative end result thanks to a ghostly background of ethereal howls and light, swishing keys. It completes an invigorating trio from a rapidly developing talent who never forgets to include plenty of heart in his uncompromising warehouse jams.
  • Tracklist
      01. Kronos 02. Mesonoxian 03. Ls6