West Norwood Cassette Library - 8 Track Cartridge

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  • At this point it feels like there are more house records aping classic house records than there are original classic house records (take a breath). But what a lot of producers seem to forget is that, in spite of its age, the old stuff wasn't exactly reserved, and this is exactly what Bob Bhamra wants to remind us with his debut for Hypercolour. A massive doublepack, 8 Track Cartridge takes house revivalism on a wild ride through the gritty side streets of Chicago—heavy drums, bucking basslines and all. Right out of the gates, 8 Track Cartridge hits hard with "Acid Jazz," a track that, with its bubbling acid lines and relentless drum assault, is anything but. The squelch comes out again on "Bubbles," but Bhamra keeps it in the background, tracing out the same path over and over. "Innervisions" and "Vibrations" offer up different takes on vintage deep house, the former warm and world-weary, the latter a disco-inspired beast dense with hand percussion and almost giddy with momentum. Even with all its nods to the Midwest, it's clear Bhamra is a Brit through-and-through. "We Have To Live In The Future" is a well-oiled breaks machine that channels the energy of early UK rave. "Roots" is a history lesson of sorts, imitating breakbeat hardcore for its first five minutes before launching into full-on jungle wizardry as it contorts an amen break (a sound revisited in the more reflective closer "Time Loops"). There's not a moment of rest until that last track, which means 8 Track Cartridge works, in its own way, as a rather barnstorming dance full-length. Whether you're looking for tracks to DJ with or to listen to at home, you won't be bored with Bhamra's many shades of retro house.
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      01. Acid Jazz 02. We Have To Live In The Future 03. Vibrations 04. Innervisions 05. Bubble 06. Roots 07. Body Rock 08. Time Loops