Marc Romboy - Trax That Make You Reminisce Vol.1

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  • Marc Romboy has never been afraid to mine acid house and rave tropes, and on this EP for Audiojack's Gruuv he does so again in confident fashion. Rave synths predominate, as opener "Ghetto What" pits chopped-up hip-hop vocal samples against bass slabs and a sharp saxophone riff. "Set Me Free" tumbles along on a deathly-dark bassline, with more distorted vocal samples, celestial pads and a diva vocal line completing a nostalgic brew. French producer Phil Weeks contributes a remix of "Ghetto What" that basically just eliminates the original's vocal samples and slightly warps its sax parts. DJs won't complain about Weeks falling back on Romboy's ravey bass pattern, but this rework isn't too much of a creative stretch. A1 Bassline's remix of "Set Me Free" is no more radical. It simply imbues the original's main characteristics with an echoing quality and keeps its soaring pads, closing out a solid if unspectacular package that lives up to its title.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Ghetto What A2 Set Me Free B1 Ghetto What? (Phil Weeks Ghetto Dub) B2 Set Me Free (A1 Bassline Nostalgic Mix)