SCB - Rope / Technique

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  • Hotflush boss Paul Rose's techno-oriented SCB alias has surfaced sparingly this year, with a few remixes and an original production, "Dissipate," on Nonplus's Think And Change compilation. This two-tracker precedes December's worldwide release of Update, a mini-retrospective of Scuba/SCB tracks that were released in the US earlier this year. "Rope" is the beast here. Everything about it appears ominously, from the windswept urban field recording of its opening 90 seconds, to the pounding kick that finally breaks the introduction's uneasy calm. The addition of tough percussion and a bass synth, which evokes an eagle swooping for its prey, will make this one perfect for doomy moments in dark rooms. "Technique"'s percussion is looser and more tumbling, with gentle house chords brushing up against the kick, as snares and tottering drums shimmer in the background. On the surface it's a lighter counterpart to the opener, but its main elements eventually coalesce into something no less floor-ready.
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      A Rope B Technique