Nina Kraviz - Mr Jones

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  • For one reason or another, Nina Kraviz divides opinion. But regardless of how you feel, the fact remains that since her arrival on the international stage a little over four years ago, she's produced music that gets noticed. On the singles front, she's specialised in highly effective DJ tools, most with a level of charisma few producers working with the dance floor in mind can manage. Mr Jones arrives through Rekids after a brief hiatus from releasing new material. Available as a double-vinyl pack or digitally as a ten-track bundle, Mr Jones is clearly aimed at DJs. Five of the six vinyl cuts are over eight minutes long, and are characterised by lengthy intros and steady pacing. Opener "Desire" epitomises the EP, with an arpeggio, vocals and driving low-end working together for a cut that'll have little trouble winning over peak-time dancers. The hypnotism continues on the funkier "Mr Jones," after which "Remember," produced with Detroit's Luke Hess, takes things in a more brazen direction—sporadic claps and white noise make it a track for techno jocks. "So Wrong" is a quiet achiever and the tidiest, most rewarding thing here. It's breakdown-free, with tape hiss and stabs providing a brilliant platform for an enthralling vocal loop. You'd be hard-pressed finding a better after-hours tune this year.
  • Tracklist
      A Desire B1 Mr Jones B2 Nina Kraviz & Luke Hess - Remember C Black White D1 So Wrong D2 Sheer