Dauwd - Heat Division remixes

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  • Following the response to Dauwd's bass-quaking originals earlier this year, it surely wasn't difficult to find some experienced hands to remix tracks from Heat Division. Tim Goldsworthy's version sees the Brit construct a nine-minute-plus opus that is more than just gilding the lily. A dance floor triptych, it traverses dubby house—all galloping cowbells and warm organ loops—through to pulsating cosmic disco. It eventually fades to a discordant acoustic guitar, complete with crackles and hiss. You can have it with a stoned vocal, which Goldsworthy has added in, but the unadulterated instrumental is the more effective tool. Nick Höppner's version may not have the sprawling ambition of Goldsworthy's, but there's plenty to admire in the atmosphere-laden slant he puts on "And," as oboe-like synths float free from the bubbling mass of bass and submarine blips below. Dauwd's own "Dub Edit" of "Silverse" slips into a liquid groove early, before succumbing to an onset of hammering synths. It respectfully looks to complement rather than outdo the rest of an outstanding EP.
  • Tracklist
      A Heat Division (Tim Goldsworth Remix Instrumental) B1 And (Nick Hoppner Remix) B2 Silverse (Dub Edit)