Darkstar – HD7 (Cult & Zomby Remix)

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  • Like 01484 before it, HD7 finds Darkstar tweaking tracks from their lauded album News From Nowhere, though it's the presence of shadowy maverick Zomby that will draw the most attention. Under his watch, "You Don't Need A Weatherman" adopts a near-glacial pace, all cotton wool synths and teary melodies, offset by a hissing, trap-like rhythm. It hardly outstays its welcome—in fact, it feels more like a sketch than a fully formed remix. Darkstar's own efforts are more substantial. "Timeaway" takes the music box motif of the original and throws a rumbling bassline and galloping hi-hats at it, morphing it into an affecting bit of non-conformist house. "Hold Me Down" leaves little intact from the arpeggiated folktronica of the album version. Darkstar strap on a 4/4 rhythm, but in its jigsaw of delicate melodies and trippy analogue oscillations there are hints of Orbital rather than traditional dance floor fare.
  • Tracklist
      A Timeaway (Darkstar Remix) B1 Hold Me Down (Darkstar Remix) B2 You Don’t Need A Weatherman (Cult X Zomby (Kollaps) Remix)