Sherwood & Pinch - Music Killer

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  • The two singles from Sherwood & Pinch so far have been exactly what you'd imagine from the pairing of a veteran dub and reggae producer and an artist who's always operated on the dubbier fringes of dubstep. But where Bring Me Weed was as blunted and dread-filled as you'd expect, their second single, Music Killer, is slightly more deranged. On "Music Killer," Sherwood and Pinch balance a riotous patchwork of sounds—two sets of vocal samples, icy claps, a monstrous bassline, a chaotic pattern of kicks that hit you right in the chest—with a dank wobble. It's incredibly dense stuff. As such, the "Music Killer (Dubplate Pressure Mix)" is more potent. The constellations of crunchy FX and booming spaciousness give it serious heft, while snippets of vocals and a high-pitched synth that swoops in and out mean little of the original mix's dynamic energy is diminished.
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      A Music Killer (Extended Mix) B Music Killer (Dubplate Pressure)