Audion - Motormouth

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  • As Audion, Matthew Dear made some of last decade's most enduring techno tracks. (You can't really argue with "Mouth To Mouth.") But he's also made his share of clunkers. After all, when you go for broke, you usually end up in triumph or flat down on your face. Having spent a few years refining his Bowie-esque rock star persona, Dear is reviving his techno alias, with "Motormouth" as the appetizer ahead of a retrospective compilation and a new album next year. As far as tasters go, "Motormouth" goes down like battery acid. Wordless syllables stretch and pull like chewing gum over the strobe-light bassline, and it goes through two festival-ready white noise breakdowns, coming back just a little more frantic each time. Loud and obnoxious, there's nothing tasteful about it—but, as titles like "Titty Fuck" have shown, Audion has never been about restraint. It's not his finest moment, but if this track's bulldozing power is any indication, Dear is trying to make up for lost time rather than resting on his laurels.
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      01. Motormouth