Mr G - A G Moment

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  • With tech house's reputation taking a battering, it's reassuring to know there are some corners where the winds of change simply don't blow. Rekids mainstay Mr G is as unlikely to veer from the style as he is to wear a V-neck vest, and his return to Holic Trax, which he helped launch 18 months ago, is the beast you'd expect. If you've heard a Mr G record before, then nothing on A G Moment will surprise you. There's the clattering bongo groove of "So Get Down," which ripples over a bass that purrs with feline grace. There's also the clattering bongo groove of "Whant It," the percussion rattling over a low-end that bumps in a minimalist groove. Both showcase McBean's ability to create tension with the slightest filter tweak or ride cymbal, and both have ever-looping sex vocals that lift a hypnotic groove into something that crackles with personality. The bongos are nowhere to be seen on the title track. Perhaps because of its percussive sparseness, "A G Moment" doesn't quite bound in the same way. All the other elements are there, though—muted chords, rolling vocals, thick subs. And, most importantly, that utterly enveloping Mr G groove.
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      A A G Moment B So Get Down