Deadstock 33s - Circular Path

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  • Justin Robertson has found some real form as Deadstock 33s over the last decade, ploughing an acid-flecked furrow that's seen releases on Paper and Tigersushi and an album on German label Gomma, where he here returns for Circular Path. At the title track's core is a shimmering bassline, stretched, echoed and warped, providing all the cut's peaks and troughs almost single-handedly. Paired with a cascading lead and bright percussion, it's joyfully simple, as if lifted from a never-released '90s album of pop experiments. Luke Solomon's take on it is typically inventive, a whirring concoction of phased notes, bustling percussion and loopy effects. It's distorted and scratched, yet retains all the original's verve. The Asphodells add their requisite grit and grime, retaining much of the core melody but laying it over booming kicks and bone-rattling snares, while Dimitri Veimar closes a superb quartet with a distorted, sweaty rework that jolts the bassline sideways and flirts with grandiosity before reclaiming its angry intensity.
  • Tracklist
      01. The Circular Path 02. The Circular Path (Luke Solomon Remix) 03. The Circular Path (Asphodells Remix) 04. The Circular Path (Dimitri Veimar Remix)