Delroy Edwards - Untitled EP

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  • Having hurtled to prominence in the last couple of years through his work for L.I.E.S., Delroy Edwards launches his own L.A. Club Resource label with two simple but effective club tracks. The rough-and-ready feel that has struck a chord with so many L.I.E.S. devotees is evident in this release and the label in general, with minimal pre-release press info, no track titles and a teaser video featuring only a flickering label name and a phone number. The synth line in the video is from the second of the two tracks here. Edwards lays it across spartan snares and handclaps to create a woozy, sub-aquatic feel, a bit like a strung-out Drexciya. "Untitled 1" is starker still, popping into life through flinty percussion before bringing in a simple three-note bass synth that completes an ultra-economical floor tool. There's nothing more complicated than that here, but as Edwards' deserved ascendancy shows, sometimes there doesn't need to be.
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      A Untitled B Untitled