Peter Power - Love Heave EP

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  • Kleine Reise, the Berlin club night and record label, is a small, concentrated hit of house party fervor. This enthusiasm is reflected in the zest of the three tracks on this EP—the third from Kleine Reise in 18 months—from party and label co-founder Peter Power. The sparkiest of the trio, "Love Heave" is an unfussy, old school deep house jam. Funk guitars chatter, pianos plonk and a lithe bassline ploughs through them as a clamor of excitable voices drifts underneath. It's unashamedly goodtime music. Irish ex-pat Power takes a less strident approach on "The Jangle," laying down a percussive shindig that he spatters with acid bass and eerie maritime chimes and clangs. "Buffalo" is more reflective still, a slow-cooked stew of thick bass, quivering analogue synths and idiosyncratic tics. Handed over to Hrdvsion, the Canadian renders it unrecognizable with a scampering, spacey techno interpretation constructed from pitched-up vocals, buzzing hi-hats and spectral moans. Compact they may be, but Kleine Reise flex impressive muscle.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Love Heave (Filter Mix) A2 Buffalo (Hrdvsion's Cold Bath Remix) B1 The Jangle (Dub Mix) B2 Buffalo