Maher Daniel & Gab Rhome - Farewell At The Gates Of Dawn

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  • Calling your label All Day I Dream is a pretty clear statement of intent, and the title of this EP by Maher Daniel & Gab Rhome and the fluffy-clouds artwork are further clues that this isn't exactly going to be Metal Machine Music. Sure enough, these two sleepily melodic house cuts are a kind of aural balm. This fourth release on Lee Burridge's label sees the Canadian producers collaborate on one track, and Rhome go it alone on the other. Rhome's "Sometimes It Goes One Way" is led by a twinkling glockenspiel riff and subtle pads that would fit neatly into the dreamier strata of Kompakt's output. An equally head-in-the-clouds vocal muses on "the strongest love," completing a serene picture. His collaboration with Daniel, "Farewell At The Gates of Dawn," pulses along in a similarly winsome way. Even more meditative than the first track, it glides through its ten minutes on a cloud of glowing harmonies and gently clicking percussion. It doesn't go anywhere, but then it isn't supposed to.
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      A Maher Daniel & Gab Rhome - Farewell At The Gates of Dawn B Gab Rhome - Sometimes It Goes One Way