Borrowed Identity - Mistress 01

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  • Borrowed Identity is a young German-Romanian producer with a few releases on a handful of decent labels, but it's safe to say that this is his most exciting yet. After all, it must be quite an honour to inaugurate a new label from a DJ with a reputation like Minneapolis' DVS1. He's adding Mistress Recordings to his modest portfolio of labels (which so far encompasses one release on HUSH), and starting it off with a stroke of house that might surprise those who are only familiar with his storming techno sets. Mr. Identity more than lives up to the task at hand. "Leave Your Life" is instantly memorable, layering horn samples into a slow-motion fanfare that's propped up by piercing drums, reminding us it's 2013 not 1993. Nevertheless, it carries a classicist streak that belies his novice status. The deeper-than-deep "Ruhephase In D-Moll," a collaboration with fellow German Mechanical Soul Brother, could fit comfortably in a Fred P set, with its sustained chords that slowly shape-shift in the background. But there's a heavy bass-weight that keeps it from drifting away—it's a testament to his careful mixing that the anvil kicks don't drown out all the subtlety around them. "Step Out" is an assemblage of clichéd trappings, on the other hand, from the soulful Rhodes-ish chords to the distant vocal samples. A sudden turn to techno is the antidote, with the steely, pounding "Painted Clouds." It wouldn't be Borrowed Identity without a lightness of touch: the tune has a slippery phased chord that is irresistibly silky in his hands.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Leave Your Life A2 Painted Clouds (XIII) B1 Step Out B2 Ruhephase In D-Moll feat. Mechanical Soul Brother