Dualit - Dualit EP

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  • Dualit is a new collaboration between German producers Oliver Rosemann and MasCon, and this debut release makes no bones about their intentions. Landing on Sunil Sharpe's young Dublin label Earwiggle, "Triton" attacks like a rabid pit bull, with a viscous rhythm that nicely approximates foaming at the mouth. Its detuned chords cast it as a spiritual and more evil successor to Shifted's "Leather," and if you're familiar with that track, you'll know the vibe to expect here. "Proteus" is more rhythmic, layering springy synths on bounding kicks. Bleaching Agent straightens out the rubbery synths but breaks up the kick pattern, bunching up the snares so they hiss like steam pressure being released. "Thyone" closes the EP in especially spacious fashion. The way its percussive elements leap from one bar to the next feels nimble, a fine way to end a well-rounded EP from two techno veterans who look like they have a promising future together.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Triton A2 Proteus A3 Loop 1 B1 Proteus (Bleaching Agent Remix) B2 Thyone B3 Loop 2