Planetary Assault Systems - No Exit

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  • While Luke Slater looks to broaden his horizons with an upcoming LP as L.B. Dub Corp, his latest EP as Planetary Assault Systems gives us exactly what we've come to expect from that guise: proper fucking techno. The approach, as usual, is playful yet commanding: lead riffs and motifs rise and fall through the mix, with quick variations worked in seemingly at random. Released on his own Mote Evolver label, No Exit is P.A.S. in top form. The sparse title track, with its cascades of bells accompanied by analog noise and no-nonsense drums, should pummel dance floors into frenzied submission. It's the most upfront thing here, as two complementary B-side tracks get progressively deeper. "Undertow" has its own peak-time merits but has a more discordant vibe, with churning bleeps, frequent cymbal outbursts and a metallic lead that drives right through the middle of it all. Finishing things off is "Nanendi," the one that moody techno heads will want to get cozy with, thanks to its hypnotizing ray-gun effects and groaning atmospherics. At about five minutes in length, it feels a bit short, but that's about the only complaint I can level against No Exit. A potent trio of tracks held together by P.A.S.'s well-honed style, it's one of the best techno EPs in recent months.
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      A No Exit B1 Undertow B2 Nanendi