Nite:life08 - Joey Negro

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  • From the outset this fine funky melodic house CD sets high standards. The first track ‘It’s yours’ by Jon Cutler contains deep mature male vocals that question the lengths we will travel in search of “musical bliss”, and by the time the last beat has rung out through ones living room speakers that question is easily answered; just listen to nite:life08. An album which contains ambient melodies means that it is difficult to classify interms of prime listening location, Negro’s chosen tracks would be well suited to get people onto the dancefloor of ones local funky house club, or to relax nervous punters mingling at a x-mas cocktail party. It’s smooth ambient basslines and foot-tapping melodies can lure one into a false sense of ease, until one gets off the couch and realises that the best way to get to the kitchen will indeed involve a little dancing action. Mix CD’s of this musical genre often leave a lot to be desired interms of mixing, but the majority of his track changes are well crafted and give the album a complete feel. A heavy vocal element is present throughout the CD, but none are overbearing and his clever track selection keeps things fresh throughout. Tracks such as David Bendeth’s ‘Feel the Real’ [Jazz ‘n’ Groove Ultra Classic Mix] are well suited to an album of this nature and with Sunburst’s ‘Garden of Love’ [Joey Negro Mix] act as a subtle change in direction and raise in tempo. Overall nite:life08 is a CD which encapsulates a vast array of different sounds, from the obvious refreshing change in voices, through to the delicate riffs and loops placed throughout each track. Not out of place in any environment, it’s a CD that will give pleasure to the majority who are lucky enough to hear it.