Huxley & Shenoda - Chatsworth Sound EP

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  • Defected's transition from bastion of vocal house to a more forwarding-thinking operation takes another step forward with Huxley and Shenoda's first collaboration. Individually, they have much in common, including a shared love of UK garage and a history on Hypercolour. The pitched-up female vocals and billowing synths of "I Don't Know" are two indicators of Huxley's style, albeit not quite as significant as his penchant for dropping huge slabs of yowling bass. It's the perkier, more floor-focused of the two, allowing "Premier" to explore somewhat darker environs. Part classic 2-step groove, part wispy, ethereal house, it combines a colossal kick pattern with creaking windmill rhythm and muted vocals, seemingly recorded from two doors away.
  • Tracklist
      01. Don't Know 02. Premier