Fairmont - Lie To Me

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  • Comparing the levels of introspection in Fairmont releases is always a matter of degrees, but this, Jake Fairley's first new material of the year, is at heart a more mediative beast than last year's Automaton album. "The Biggest Eyes In The World" is a sedate opener even by Fairley's standards, its beats and bassline providing a half-awake backdrop for woozy ribbons of synth. It's pleasant but has a background-music quality that makes it a surprising choice for an opener. The higher-tempo title track might have been a more obvious kick-off, with an undulating synth line and acid bass squelches building neatly into a vocoder vocal. "Boa" sits somewhere between those two, its combo of pulsing beats, synths and a low-in-the-mix vocal making for a sleek and shiny whole. "Emoticon" is the most atmosphere-packed thing here, all slow-motion beats and dreamlike pads, while "Abysm" rumbles ominously along, punctuated by flitting synths and a ritualistic vocal harmony. My personal preference in Fairmont material is the borderline poppy likes of Automaton's "Alkaline" and "Old Ways," but fans of his more comprehensively downbeat moments should find plenty to enjoy here.
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      01. The Biggest Eyes In The World 02. Boa 03. Lie To Me 04. Emoticon 05. Abysm